Dona Ana Project

Starting on March 10, 2014, Sacred Sites Research will undertake a project to record Site LA6667 — The Dona Ana Site in southern New Mexico. The Dona Ana site includes Chihuahuan Polychrome Style figures with other possible Mogollon Red Style figures. Recording the site may offer an understanding of the relationship between these two rock art styles.

Left is Chihuahuan Polychrome style which is intermixed with Mogollon Red style at the site.

Applications for Internships and Volunteers will be accepted through January and February 2014. Sacred Sites Research anticipates a robust application from individuals interested in protecting and preserving these significant rock painting sites. Sacred Sites Research personnel will work with five to six interns or volunteers for the project.

Fieldwork is anticipated to include 10 field days in two sessions. Applicants can volunteer for one or two of the sessions. Logistics for the field support are still in the planning stages but we are likely to stage the project from a local motel. Interested applicants can contact Lawrence Loendorf at for more information.


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